Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's not just the Mormons who hate gay marriage...

Now this post has nothing to do with gymnastics, Judaism or breaking. Nor is it an amalgam of the three. But when a friend in California informed me of this news item, I knew I had to post it even if it is outside my physical and thematic jurisdiction.

A director of a Sacramento musical theater contributed $1,000 to the campaign to amend California's state constitution to ban gay marriage (otherwise known as Prop 8). Once knowledge of Scott Eckern's donation was made public, a campaign to boycott theater was started (but has since been halted).

My question- what was this guy thinking? Why bite the hand that writes your songbooks?


teehee said...

Are you aware Rick Elice is gay?

elizabeth said...

it's a sad and destructive form of self loathing.

and by the way, even the jersey boys are gay, believe me,