Sunday, May 15, 2011

Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

Back in December, I saw this hilarious comic entitled, "The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity," which seeks to compare the notorious geographic region where planes and ships have disappeared to the three websites where most of our productive hours have been sunk. Too true, I thought, except for the Twitter part. Personally, I can't seem to get into Twitter. I have an account that I rarely check. I'm always surprised to get an email announcing a new follower. Why, I wonder. I never update.

If I could, I would replace the Twitter corner of the triangle with YouTube. When I log onto YouTube to watch one video, I end up staying for several more due to the cursed "related videos" feature. I call this phenomenon "Falling Down the YouTube Gymnastics Rabbit Hole."

For instance, I'll start with Brittani McCullough's fabulous and fierce floor routine from the 2010 NCAA floor finals:

And then follow it up with Vanessa Zamarripa's equally sassy floor routine from the same competition:

Which brings me to her performances at the 2010 Cover Girl Classic:

From there it's a hop, skip and jump to her routines at Nationals, and before I know it, I've watched all -- not just Zamarripa's -- of the 2010 National Championship routines, all of which I have previously seen.

And that's how you fall down the YouTube Gymnastics Rabbit Hole. I wonder if aficionados of other sports and activities also lose many hours of their lives stumbling this way through YouTube.

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