Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Jew(cy)

So Jewcy has named me to their Big Jewcy list for 2011 for my contributions to poking fun at Orthodoxy through my writing and being an overall weirdo. (It's the whole obsessed with gymnastics/breaking thing that really piques folks' curiosity).

Anyway, I'm honored to be included on the list alongside other luminaries such as Eli Valley, a comic artist who you might remember for causing the earthquake in Haiti due to his anti-kiruv (outreach) strip he wrote for the Forward. (Sorry for bringing this up again Eli but it's really some of your best work.)I guess this means big things for me. I wonder what natural disaster I will cause. Stay tuned.

Have a looksie at my interview with the wonderful Margarita Korol and check my awesome headshot/shidduch photo. Doesn't that girl look like she should be married already?

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