Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swimming in Skirts

I've just started researching a story for Tablet that had me strolling camp memory lane, which is when I came across this promotional video produced by Camp Sternberg, my summer home for nine years as a kid.

Camp Sternberg from The SHMA Camps on Vimeo.

Most of this speaks (hilariously) for itself. But even if I've moved very far away from the young girl/woman who LOVED going there every summer, I must admit that it did make me smile at moments. Though I was indoctrinated by the staff and this place is largely responsible for my rightward swing during high school, I really did have a wonderful time going there. (And Rabbi Greenwald has gotten so old! What does this say about me?)

But before I got too sentimental watching the video, my friend dug up a forum discussion related to Camp Sternberg, which reminded me about the whole knee socks vs. short socks debate. I was a short socks kid who wished she could be a knee socks girl. Alas, I did not have it in me, especially during the summer.

And apparently there was a song that no one told me about:

Verse #1: If you wear knee socks, badadadump,
Or you wear bobby socks, badadadump,
I love you cuz you are a Jew, badidadadump.

Verse #2: If you have straight hair, badadadump,
Or curly, frizzy hair, badadadump,
I love 'cuz you are a Jew, badidadadump.

Chorus: I love ya; I love ya;
'Cuz you're a Jew-a, a Jew-a, a Jew-a.
I love youuuu, 'cuz you're a Jew.
I may not like the things you do,
but I love you, 'cuz you're a Jew, badidadadump.

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