Friday, June 10, 2011

Wish she had done this in Williamsburg

Yesterday a woman was reported (and photographed) walking around the Bowery topless, trying to beat the heat. No farmer's tan for her! Line free all the way.

Though she appears to be speaking to cops in this photo published over at the Village Voice, it appears that this is actually not a crime. I never really thought about this much (I've actively tried to repress the old Russian women I saw remove their swimsuit straps at Brighton Beach when I was a kid) but for some reason I thought it was minorly illegal. But as the Voice demonstrates, women are allowed to go topless just as men can. Yay for equal opportunity nipple exposure and sunburns!

More power to you, Topless Woman. If you are willing to take the subway to Brooklyn, might I suggest you visit the Satmar section of Williamsburg? I know it's not nice but I do really enjoy watching the Satmar get riled up over stupid things, such as hair salons opening in their neighborhood. And Topless Woman, you won't have to worry about being photographed -- you will just be photoshopped out.

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