Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goebbels and Me

Well it has finally happened. I've been compared to Goebbels, the famous Nazi propaganda minister! This did not stem from an article I wrote about Israel cause I have little interest in real news and am suffering from Israel fatigue, anyway. No, what inspired such ire and comparison to Goebbels was my piece in Tablet about Amy Winehouse.

I'm not particularly troubled by his misguided comparison -- I'm actually rather tickled by it. His logic is as follows -- one who is distant from her "Jewish" values is like a Nazi, who is also quite distant from Jewish values. I understand that this is yet another proof of Godwin's Law, which states: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches (100%)."

But what does trouble me is his attitude towards women. The reader, Aaron S. takes issue with Natalie Portman, calling her a "slut" for having premarital sex. Hey Aaron S.-- no slut shaming on my article!

Here is the comment in all of its misogynistic glory:

Aaron S. says:

This article reveals how far removed liberal Jews are from Judaism. Natalie Portman is anything but a nice Jewish girl. She is a slut. She not only had a child out of wedlock – the father is not even Jew! She gave birth to a bastard. Some nice Jewish girl.

As for Amy Winehouse – some role model. She is a shtick of drek.

It would be nice to have writers with Jewish values writing about Jewish values. The writer of this article is so far removed from her Jewish roots that this article might as well have been written by Josef Geobbels. He also would have admired self-destructive Jewish behavior.

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