Monday, July 4, 2011

Mixed Dancing

And from separate seating, we go to mixed dancing, which we all know is the direct result of premarital sex. Or is it sex standing up? I always mess that joke up. Anyway, this time the "mixed" refers to different types of dancing, not commingling of the genders (though there is some of that, too). When I was last in Los Angeles, I participated in a short dance film shoot, directed and choreographed by the talented Amy "Catfox" Campion. It was really fun for me as a writer to pretend to be a real dancer for half a day. (I also got to wear a lot of eye makeup that took several tries to remove.)

The short is called "Pursuit" and features several types of dance, including breaking and salsa. I am only in the breaking scene. It was made for the site, where the full video is available for a small fee.

I can't post the full video but I can promise you that in it you see at least 20 seconds of yours truly. Here is the trailer where I appear ever so briefly in blinding red and orange.

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