Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Blame Game

Over on the gymnastics message boards (my nerdy online home), unsurprisingly the most popular topics of discussion is who is to blame for Rebecca Bross' unfortunate knee injury yesterday on vault. Top contenders include her coach, Valeri Liukin and national team coordinator, Marta Karolyi. The latter noted that Bross should've been able to do it since she competed it successfully last year, which is sort of a ludicrous thing to say. Bross hasn't looked like herself all week and according to all training reports, Valeri has been spotting her on all of her attempts. She probably shouldn't have been doing it at this competition.

I, for one, place the majority of the blame on Marta, mostly because I don't like how she has managed the team for several years now. Also, she seems to hail from the old Romanian school of overtraining and doesn't pay attention to the advances that have been made in sports science. Training smarter, not necessarily harder, is the key.

And here's a different, much more musical and lyrical version of the blame game. (Does anyone else think that Kanye West would make a hilarious national team coordinator?)

P.S. This is my 100th blog post of the year, the first time ever I've passed this mark in a single year. And it's only August. I guess it's time to take a break until next January.

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