Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dirty Girls Ministries

No, it's not the name of a DVD series featuring young college coeds taking off their shirts on camera to show us their breasts and show their fathers how they've grown up like in Girls Gone Wild or my personal favorite Girls With Low Self-Esteem. (Mitch Hurwitz, hurry up with the Arrested Development movie, will ya? Will Arnett deserves better than Running Wilde or Up All Night.)

Dirty Girl Ministries is an organization started by 26-year old Crystal Renaud in 2009 to help women stay clean of masturbation (among other things). She compares masturbation to alcohol abuse since like alcohol, it can feel good for a brief period of time but can end up hurting you.

How exactly? Are there potential overuse injuries? Can your vibrator give you carpal tunnel syndrome? Is treatment for vibrator induced carpal tunnel covered by most medical insurances?

From Bust magazine:

"Renaud’s advocacy is labeled antipornography, but it aims to treat all masturbation, whether it involves porn or not. When you peel back the layers, the core of her crusade is against sexual thought—even within marriage—unless those thoughts are about your husband while you are engaging in intercourse with him."

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