Monday, August 8, 2011

In Kiryas Joel, our tax dollars hard at work

So this happened in Kiryas Joel. After 5 non-Jewish hikers were accosted by a Satmar or so-called "village constable" for taking photos of government buildings where you apparently can be arrested for failing to provide identification after they were seen taking photos of government buildings. When they refused to provide identification to the Hasid, the state police were called to investigate and they were arrested. But thankfully, they managed to catch the whole exchange on camera (it is excerpted below in the news report).

My favorite detail: they were detained in Yossi's Restaurant.

UPDATE: Many thanks to a friend who posted this link to Gothamist that goes into greater detail about what happened. This article reveals that a lawsuit had already been filed against KJ for being in violation of the Establishment Clause of the constitution. The suit contends that "the Village of Kiryas Joel is a theocracy." Oh indeed. Please hikers, sue them and strip them of their air conditioned bus stops and all of the other goodies our tax dollars provide.

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