Monday, August 22, 2011

More subway thoughts

So this happened today on my commute home. I was standing in the last car of the A train (having unsuccessfully waited for a C at 14th street -- three E trains passed me. Don't get me stared on the E train.) when a woman got up from her seat and moved to a different one that I hadn't previously spotted. I stood there for several minutes staring at the just vacated seat, wondering if I should sit. My thinking went something like this:

Why did this woman get up? It's not like she upgraded to a better seat. She was sitting in one of the two seaters next to a seemingly normal looking guy and she moved to the middle of a three person bench that had two others. She's not getting any extra space. Is there something wrong with that guy? He looks harmless and recently bathed. And he doesn't seem to be sitting in more than one seat. So why did she get up and move?

By the time I start coming around to the idea that the empty seat is probably perfectly fine someone else takes it and I'm forced to wait a couple of more stops before another one becomes available. Of course, I try to make it seem that I prefer standing or that I'm about to get off the train.

Am I alone in this sort of paranoia? Has anyone else let a perfectly good seat pass them by for silly, paranoid reasons?

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