Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shmuley Boteach's ego

Here's a little excerpt from Shmuley Boteach's most recent article in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, which is about what he thinks Birthright needs to do to move forward:

I knew of Birthright at it conception. It’s co-founder, Michael Steinhardt, was sharing with me the scope of the idea as he traveled with Charles Bronfman around the United States raising large sums to get the idea off the ground. (italics mine)

Maybe I'm being overly critical (wouldn't be the first time) but there's something about him inserting himself into the beginnings of Birthright that unnecessarily smacks of ego.


marjorie said...

"Michael Jackson and I were talking about Birthright with Boy George while we were having kosher crumpets as the TLC Network begged me to do a television show, and oh how we did laugh while deciding that indeed, Birthright was a marvelous notion that I came up with and I should indeed encourage Steinhardt and Bronfman to get cracking on it."

Dvora Meyers said...

Marjorie, thanks for the validation!