Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You shook me all night long

As many of you with Twitter feeds may know, the East Coast was hit by an earthquake that made everyone think they were comedians. Including me.

I wrote this piece for JTA, which wonders about the impact that the great East Coast Quake of 2011, as no one is calling it, will affect the Jews. I know this has been question on everyone's minds.

Excerpted below is my favorite part but to be honest, it's all pretty great especially since I wrote it in 30 minutes. After all, the quake will be old news by morning and this post would be lining for your virtual birdcage or litter box.

"Engagement: for the last decade or so, one of the watchwords of the Jewish nonprofit industrial complex not concerned with the problems of the 3rd world, the environment or Israel has been 'engagement,' especially when it comes to the young, unaffiliated Jews. (We know you're out there even if we know nothing about you.) Expect several service learning trips to D.C. to straighten out hanging paintings and photos, reshelve books and pick up chairs."

I'm also pretty tickled to have used the term "nonprofit industrial complex." Of course, I'm lightly mocking the hand that feeds me and pays my rent.

You can read the rest here

And an obvious video choice:

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