Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Anti-Girlfriend

So do any of you remember how a few months ago I wrote how I was giving up the writing biz for paralegaling? No? Well, several of my friends do and they're still giving me shit about it. But that's okay. I will have my revenge.

Anyway in that "farewell" post I mentioned that I was working on something new. And it's finally here!

Allow me to introduce you to The Anti-Girlfriend, which will be a web comic and blog that will deal with general (not Jewish) issues about sex, dating and relationships (that's the order I've tended to favor and probably why I don't make it past the first step).

I know what you're thinking -- that the moniker sounds kind of evil, like I'm the enemy of Christendom or malekind or something like that. Well, I was not the one who coined the term. That came courtesy of He Who Will Not Be Named but will be fully explained in the comics and blog posts. Anyway, I decided to reclaim like the gays did with "queer." (Also, I couldn't believe that no one had purchased the domain name.)

You are probably wondering -- I didn't realize you did art, too? Well, I don't. Writing is the only talent I've got. Sorry to disappoint you. But fortunately, I am collaborating with the uber artistic FEMA Fatale, who is responsible for the comics on the site.

I hope you guys enjoy my new project!

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