Sunday, September 25, 2011

More break dancing link love

Sometimes I love my profession, especially when I get to go to a performance of breaking, house and contemporary dance under the guise of "work."

Here are the fruits of that evening spent at Dixon Place watching Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie perform with the talented Mawu crew and several others -- a feature length profile of Ms. Asherie and a short meditation on the state of underground dance and the prospects of building a career out of it. 

About the difficulties:

"With the underground dancers, a lot of the pioneers end up teaching overseas and doing most of their work overseas, which is a really sad things because there is not enough work for them here," Asherie says.

About her hopes for the styles:

"I want underground styles to be appreciated and respected in many different contexts. In the contexts they were created -- the street, the club, battles. But also on stage," she says.

Read the rest here.

Check out a video of her piece, Brothers:

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