Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's Jew got to do with it?

I'm all for writing about Jews and linking Judaism to stuff when there is a true connection between say, dance, and the religion and its practitioners. But sometimes I'm irked when I read stories out of the Jewish media (the niche one, not the larger Philo-Semitic one) that bend over backwards to create a Jewish story where one doesn't exist.

Case in point: a recent article for Tablet about Drake and Mac Miller. While both rappers are Jewish, that's where the Jewish content ends. The article doesn't do any analysis, aside from noting record sales, hit songs and characterizing one as frattish and the other as introspective, yet proclaims them to be indicative of a "golden age of Jewish rap."

I have more to say (along with jokes and videos!), which I did over at JTA.

Apologies if I have already used "What's Jew got to do with it?" as a title for a previous blog post. I've got a finite source of puns and jokes as well as very limited short term memory.

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