Friday, January 20, 2012

A Genesis inspired explanation of dating and relationships

Over at The Anti-Girlfriend today, I put up a post explaining my dating and relationship behavior as it pertains to the creation of Eve--the whole taking a bit about how God took a bit of Adam's rib and fashioned him a wife from it.

I write about how I have subverted (what else would you expect--I'm not the type to support the patriarchal status quo) this story by being surgically "fixed" by using part of my own rib. Creation upended!

If one takes the lesson of the rib story and the way it was taught to me to its logical extreme, you would get men saying something along the lines of this--"Excuse me beautiful woman, but do you have a part of my rib?"...Anyway, back to the rib line--not only is it serial killer creepy, it kind of turns the search for a soul mate into a matter of orthopedic urgency. That makes two I know a lot about--futile searching for a boyfriend and orthopedic surgery.

You can read the rest here.

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