Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Judaica flow

I've often accused the Jews of trying to make everything Semitic--hip hop, sports and now, maxi pads.

Thanks to Eli V. and the Judaican't tumblr, I now know about the Hanukkah gift I never knew I wanted but must have, even belatedly.

For six dollars on Etsy (where else?), you can purchase a reusable cloth maxi pad decorated with menorahs and well wishes for the holiday. A small price to pay for environmental sustainability and Jewish pride in your underwear.

Before you start asking the obvious, "Why?" ask instead, "Why not?"

Why shouldn't your maxi pads be decorated? We put ducks and cartoon characters on the outside of baby's disposable diapers. Why shouldn't ladies and moon goddesses be able to bleed all over religious symbols? God knows, the religion has taken many dumps, historically, on us. Fair is fair. 

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