Friday, January 27, 2012


Oh Israel, you're even more frustrating than I originally realized. And I'm not talking about gender segregation this time.

Two of their athletes--Felix Aronovich and Valeria Maksyuta--earned berths to the 2012 Olympics at the recent test event in London, but they shouldn't start packing their bags just yet. If they want to use the ticket they earned in London, they will have to place top 12 all around or top 6 at the upcoming European Championships. While this should not prove too difficult for Maksyuta, who is a known commodity at this point on the international competition circuit, Aronovich, presently a student-athlete at Penn State, has much less experience and may not make the cut. But then again--hasn't he already made the cut by qualifying at the test event?

Now why would Israel, who aside from Shatilov (who already qualified to the Games when he won the bronze medal on floor at the world championships) deny their athletes opportunities to gain experience at an Olympic Games when FIG, the governing body of the sport, has given them the green light? Israel is not known for its gymnasts. And gymnastics is a judged sport--so the more Israeli athletes get out there and compete and improve their rankings, the more success the program will have down the line. It's what we call laying the foundation for the future. While Aronovich wouldn't medal in London, he can improve his international rankings, which should help him out in the coming years and Israeli gymnastics as a whole.

(Source: Gym Examiner)

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