Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random invocation of Soviet gymnastics

File this under totally random.

Today on New York Magazine's Daily Intel blog, Noreen Malone invoked Soviet gymnastics while discussing another iron-fisted Martha--Stewart (not Karolyi). Stewart's dog, Genghis Khan, who made it to the finals of the Westminster Dog Show (aka the world championships of dog competitions).

The pair talked about her teenage-Soviet-gymnast level expectations for the dog ("If he wants to back to the Garden, he has to continue to show...he has a lot of stuff to do"), Khan's strong, apparently ethnic-solidarity-based relationship with Malachy ("They're two Asian dogs! They're Chinese!"), and more, including the chow chow's pre-Garden meal at the Plaza.

I think the two Marthas--Karolyi and Stewart--would greatly approve of each other.

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