Thursday, May 17, 2012

Art, big earrings and collaboration

In my second post for the Jewish Book Council, I wrote about my months-long collaboration with Margarita Korol on The Anti-Girlfriend and her cover art for Heresy on the High Beam. In it I reveal the quick and easy way to my heart and friendship--wear big earrings.

Yes, what first attracted me to Margarita was the fact that she seemed to have the same penchant for large accessories. That's what reeled me in. Of course, I was then impressed by her creativity and positivity. (And believe me, during the final weeks of the book project, I desperately needed positivity. I annoyed my friends with out-of-nowhere texts that were equal parts needy, insecure and annoying.)

Anyway, find out more about what it was like to collaborate with an artist such as Margarita over at the JBC's Prosen People blog. (Get it? So much cleverer than "People of the Book.") And if you haven't yet purchased the book, you can still get it at Amazon. Please. Just do it already. Having to shill constantly makes me feel gross inside. 

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