Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bump's the Word: Where Did "Baby Bump" Come From and Why is it So Annoying?

Yesterday over at Slate's DoubleX section (for the lady-folks), I had a short piece of cultural analysis published about the origin and implications of the term "baby bump," which I've never been fond of and have grown more and more annoyed by with every new celebrity pregnancy.

I won't say that researching the term and speaking to academics has turned my frown upside down. But when asked, "Well, what would you call it [pregnant stomach] instead?" I realized that part of our problem with "baby bump" is not necessarily the term itself--it's the highly politicized and charged discussions that take place about women's bodies and their reproductive functions. Given this climate, it's hard to imagine any word that will find favor with the majority of women-kind.

Check it out in it's entirety here

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