Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More on Memmelgate

Today over at Deadspin, I have a story about the ongoing saga of Chellsie Memmel, 2005 world champion, 2008 Olympic silver medalist whose petition to compete at the upcoming national championships was unceremoniously rejected by the selection committee comprised of Martha Karolyi, Steve Rybacki and athlete rep Terin Humphrey.

I've always loved Memmel's grit, determination and sheer competitiveness even if her form and technique sometimes left much to be desired. I'm the type of gym fan who has always preferred the athletes to the artists. While the two aren't mutually exclusive (many very lovely gymnasts also happened to be excellent competitors with marvelous tricks), the most important quality in a gymnast or any athlete for that matter is hitting under pressure in competition. Of course, unpointed toes are ugly. But you know what's even uglier, even more disruptive to the quality of an exercise? Falling.

Except for this weekend, Chellsie Memmel didn't do much of that in competition. While I don't quite believe that the petition will sway USAG, I sure do hope Memmel and her family are feeling the love from our collective uproar.

Read the whole thing here.

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Diane Massad said...

Appreciate efforts and detailing about this sang. I pray that the petition gets a positive result and manages to get Chellsie on the U.S. Nationals Championships floor for 2012.