Monday, May 21, 2012

Shawn Johnson's Book Trailer

The book trailer for Shawn Johnson's memoir, Winning Balance has just been released and though it reveals nothing surprising--we all know her to be a cheerful, good natured sort of girl--it still endeared me a bit to her. (If anyone wants me to make an utterly ridiculous trailer to Heresy on the High Beam, just send me some money. For the production costs. I embarrass myself for free.)

As gymnastics fans have long come to expect, memoirs from gymnasts fall into one of two categories--fairy tales about winning the gold while overcoming obstacles (but nothing too serious) or horror stories about abusive coaches and eating disorders. Johnson's book obviously falls into the former category. While I'm sure she had personal demons to overcome--who doesn't--in the gymnastics arena, her career was pretty storied. She didn't have a major injury to rehab before Beijing. (And the knee blowout happened outside of the gym, while she was skiing.)

Ultimately, that won't matter much. These types of books sell not on the strength of the storytelling but on the fame of the author (and the invisibility of a ghost writer).

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