Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wig sniffing bomb dogs!

Yesterday over at Jewcy, I wrote about the spring crop of tznius-friendly fashions that are making life a lot easier for modest minded Orthodox Jewish females. In this groundbreaking story, I recall how exciting it was to find clothing in mainstream stores that didn't require any modifications in order fall within the bounds of Jewish law. And I also posit a possible reason for the sudden abundance of modest-yet-fashionable sartorial options in chain stores. (Hint: I blame it on the hipsters.)

But as always, my favorite part of any of my stories is a parenthetical.

I've got an internal chip that is like one of those police scanners but instead of picking up on the presence of a cop car, I can distinguish a skirt-wearing Orthodox girl from the general skirt-wearing population. Same goes for sheitels, the wigs that married Orthodox women wear. No matter how expensive they are, I can pick them out from a mile away. I'm like a bomb sniffing dog for wigs.

Sorry Orthodox women--you can't fool me. I'm a wig sniffing bomb dog.

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