Sunday, July 1, 2012

Book Review over at Get a Grip Gymblog

It's been a little while since I plugged my book so I hope you don't hate me too much for doing it again.

Anyway, Bekah over at the hilarious and insightful site, Get a Grip Gymblog (seriously check out her memes--they are deliciously wicked) reviewed my essay collection and liked it. (I am having a Sally Fields moment right now.)

Essentially, the book is a classic coming of age love story where the love interest is gymnastics. From bat mitzvahs to beam routines, Meyers' maturation & affection in the sport will likely be one you recognize in yourself.

I am flattered. Seriously. (And gymnastics really was my first love. It was a long time before any other romantic interests came along.) I was hoping that other obsessive gym fans could relate to my own Nick Hornby-esque tale of extreme sports fandom.

Check it out for yourself over at Amazon.

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