Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Young Alicia on Beam

Sort of fell down the YouTube (gymnastics) rabbit hole and came across this incredible video from 2003 of Alicia Sacramone performing a fierce back handspring-arabian combo on beam. I had no idea that this had once been in her repertoire.


MsJess said...

ALicia used to be a hot mess on beam, largely because she'd lose focus and fall or she'd just bounce out of her skills. She also changed her routines a lot, maybe under the notion that if she couldn't make a skill she'd just change the routine to different skills (she used this strategy on floor, I think she competed 3-4 different routine compositions in 2005)

One of the reasons she didn't make it to the 2004 Olympic trials was because she fell off beam. She finally got her act together in 2005 and started develop a consistent routine that she trained and competed and eventually built up a reputation for being a very consistent beamer.

Dvora Meyers said...

Everything you said is true. But that combo was pretty awesome, right?