Saturday, August 11, 2012

Alexandrov on Mustafina

The Russian coaches, like the athletes, are far more interesting than their American/Western counterparts in interviews. Here is a translation of one conducted with Alexander Alexandrov, who speaks openly--a reporter's dream.

When asked about Aliya Mustafina's supposedly difficult nature, Alexandrov has this to say about the so-called "diva":

Bilozerchev was also difficult. I had to work with Boginskaya, a pain! Do you think Komova is easy to work with? I don’t know why there’s the idea that Mustafina is the “bad guy". Grishina seems the ideal girl. She’s not easy at all. And it’s very difficult to work with Komova, but no one mentions that! Аliya came to see me after she’d won the bronze medal in the All Around and she told me: "Do you know what the journalists said to me? That Valentina Rodionenko had said that I only had a chance on bars".  What could I answer? The interview took place before the Olympics. If I were her, I would have apologized.

Go Alexandrov!

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