Friday, August 3, 2012

In which I criticize NBC's coverage of gymnastics and state the obvious

Another day, another Deadspin story. Well, actually it went up yesterday but I'm only getting around to blogging it today because after writing two stories a day, I'm burned out. Today is my first "off" day since Saturday. Someone else has got trampoline covered.

This time I write about the awfulness that is NBC's Olympic gymnastics coverage. Easy target, you're probably thinking. Yes it is. The degree of difficulty on this one was low but the fun was high. (I guess in this setup fun=execution.)

NBC, by contrast, produced fluff pieces that made Deva and Round Lake, the Romanian and Russian team training centers, look like Dickensian orphanages where families abandoned their athletically gifted children—while showing America's Dominique Moceanu playing on a seesaw. (Seriously, what 14-year-old do you know that still plays on a seesaw?)

A friend asked Moceanu on Twitter about that seesaw moment and she responded that she was asked to. Of course it was NBC orchestrated cuteness. No 14-year-old would've thought to do this without some guidance.

Also on Twitter, someone suggested that I commentate alongside Olympic spectator and Tweet-extraordinaire Samuel L. Jackson, who's been expressing his enthusiasm and insight all week on social media.

It would seriously be a dream come true to talk gymnastics with Jackson. A dream I didn't even know I had until two hours ago.


Carrie said...

Manifestized on my oh-so-humble blog, I've instructed all three followers to read your piece and make their outrage known in some fashion.

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