Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Something that actually made me blush

Yes, it's possible to make me blush. It just doesn't take the things that make most people uncomfortable--nudity, profanity, Vanessa Ferrari's leotards.

As I was searching for the hilarious site Gym Memes for the instructional video someone made demonstrating how to apply eye make up just like Aliya Mustafina's (don't tell me you didn't think about trying out her look), I came across a gif that made me blush and feel super flattered.

It was reblogged (or retumbled? I'm a Luddite) from What Should Gym Fans Call Me:

Titled "Thank God for the One Sensible Person" (I think anyone who has ever met me would crack up at that characterization, but I'll gladly take it), it read:

writing about gymnastics for a relatively mainstream outlet…
and not only that, but an American one!
Yet another insightful article. 
Everyone must read it and then tweet it to DTim and Hellfi! 

Thank you so much! It's been such a pleasure to get to write about gymnastics during the Olympics the way I had always wanted to see it covered for years. I think gymnastics is just as interesting as any other sport, and if only the media would take the time to appreciate the complexity and find the nuance in it just as they do other professional sports that are more popular and mainstream. Especially because the women's side is more popular, it presents so many opportunities to discuss feminism and women's general place in the culture. (I like to think of Secretary of State's Hilary Clinton badass response to an interviewers question about her favorite designers--Would you ask a man that question, she answered--as a companion to the conversation around "diva." Just as a male politician wouldn't get asked such an inane question, a male athlete wouldn't be maligned for expressing basic competitive drive and related emotions as Mustafina had been.)

If only mainstream writers would be able to get past the athletes' youth and size, we could get a much more interesting discussion going.

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