Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New gymnastics podcast

Today marked the debut of a new gymnastics podcast--punnily called "Gymcastic"--for the hardcore gym fan (though I think that even Olympic year fans of the sport can also enjoy it).

Many wonderful writers and bloggers that I know are involved in the production of this podcast--Blythe Lawrence of the Gym Examiner, Spanny Tampson of Spanny Tampson's Big Fake Smile, Uncle Tim of Uncle Tim Talks Men's Gym.

And their first guest was a big one--NBC's commentator (and Olympic gold medalist) Tim Daggett. Check it out here


Wazi said...

I was actually wondering what you thought about the interview with Tim Daggett. I remember reading your article on Deadspin about the NBC coverage (which I thought was amazing). Do you see the problems in the NBC coverage coming more from the parent company or from the trio of announcers (like the description of the Russian team as divas)?

Dvora Meyers said...

I think it's a combination of the two. While I do recognize that most of the problems with the broadcast emanate from the parent company, I also think it has to do with a general sense of laziness on the part of the commentators. They might do their research but they never think of new ways to present the material to viewers. It's always framed in the same exact way.

As for the "diva" and the way it was presented--for me, that was a subtle misogyny. This pervades a lot of sports broadcasts about female athletes, not just gymnastics. I would love for the NBC team to recognize how they contribute to that and maybe make changes in the future.