Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dora the Gymnast

When my nieces were younger, I'd pretend my name was Dora (as in "the Explorer") in order to get them to speak to me on the phone. It's just one letter off, I reasoned.

And now the resemblance between me and the animated character extends beyond the spelling of our names. A friend shared this great ad with me for a Dora gymnast doll, which I would definitely buy my own children if I had any. (My nieces are a bit old for this sort of toy.)

But what exactly is an explorer gymnast? A gym, after all, is fully explored, finite terrain. Or is this explanation more figurative? Does gymnast Dora, like all dolls that have ever been used as Olympic gymnasts in imaginative play, explore heretofore unseen skills? (My Barbies nailed double twisting back somersaults on the balance beam.)

And can someone please get this for me?

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