Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mansplaining Defeated

Now that my election hangover has subsided, I've taken to put my reflections about the results into writing. In short, they could be characterized as "Squeeeeeee!" but for Jewcy, I wrote something a little more sophisticated.

It's about the ubiquity of "mansplaining" throughout the election season. You know, that phenomenon that has all-knowing men (or ones that think they are) explain to women the facts of being a woman. Mansplaining is how we ended up with an all-male congressional committee discussing women's hormonal birth control. Cause Father (with or without the priestly collar) knows best.

Here's a brief excerpt from the piece:

Though the most pressing issue for most voters was the economy, 2012 has felt like the year of “I Can’t Believe We’re Still Fighting For This,” which is basically like the buttery spread but with more misogyny. I was raised on the ideas that birth control will always be there for us and that rape is a brutal crime and violation of another person’s body (with no “silver lining”). This election, however, demonstrated that these ideas hadn’t achieved the widespread acceptance I (and many others) had previously assumed. It seemed that the jury was still out on “rights,” “equality,” and “science.” Because this jury closely resembled the one in Twelve Angry Men.

While this election season has been frustrating to put it mildly and we have a lot of work ahead, the results were something of a relief. The rape philosophers lost big time. There are now 20 women, a record, in the U.S. Senate. Not exactly equal representation but we're inching closer.

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