Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My First Bleep

I started cursing later in life because of my Orthodox upbringing. For years, I chastised my mother, who every once in a while let a "shit" or "schmuck" slip past her lips. But after I was freed from my yeshiva high school, I started dying my hair and cursing on the regular. I won't get too carried here in describing my love affair with four letter words and how they express my feelings on occasion like nothing else--that's a story for another blog post. But I will say that since I've expanded my vocabulary to include profanities, I've had to police myself in certain circumstances. The year I spent working in kindergarten was especially trying. Every day after I left work, I would call my mom and the curse words would just fly after spending eight hours pent up. Coaching little kids in gymnastics was also difficult to do sans curses, especially when I got smacked in the nose by an errant arm or leg.

More recently, I've had to patrol my language in a different setting--media. During the Olympics, I appeared on TV and radio (both Canadian) and fretted excessively about accidentally cursing on air. Thankfully, I managed to keep it kosher during those recordings.

But not so during Episode 10 of Gymcastic. After much restraint, I drop an F-bomb. Thankfully, our podcast master, Jessica, caught it and downloaded a sound just to mask my faux pas. So you needn't worry about listening even if you have delicate ears.

This episode is quite excellent. Not only do we interview the legendary NCAA coach, Greg Marsden, but we also tackle every gymnastics fan's favorite subject to get riled up about--artistry.

In the words of Justice Potter Stewart, "I know artistry when I see it." Or something like that.

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