Monday, November 5, 2012

When guys do uneven bars

When you mention to another person that you did gymnastics when you were younger, they ask if you did rings. If you're a female, you politely explain (likely for the umpteenth time) that rings is one of the men's apparatuses. (I went into a history of the progression of women's apparatuses and possible theories over at Jezebel during the Olympics.)

Beam and uneven bars are specific to women, you'll explain.

Well someone hasn't told 2012 national team member Paul Ruggeri that. Since beginning the post-Olympic tour, Ruggeri has been steadily learning how to work the uneven bars and has put together a fairly impressive routine (if sans passable dismount just yet). If given a bit more training time, methinks Martha might've found a new bars specialist for the next quad.

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