Sunday, December 9, 2012

Eight Nights of Cartwheels

It's the second night of Hanukkah and if you're a procrastinator like me, you still need to purchase presents. So why not a book about Jews and gymnastics? Would it kill you to buy it?

Don't just take my biased word about it. Men's gymnastics blogging wunderkind (and altogether hilarious human being) Uncle Tim has reviewed my modest essay collection and liked it. He really liked it. (He also thought to include a picture of She-Ra Princess of Power--the doll who played Kim Zmeskal in all of my reenactments--which was pretty genius on his part.)

As I've noted early and often, I was never good at gymnastics, but this doesn't really matter when it comes to knowing, writing, and joking about it. And a lack of athletic talent doesn't mean that gymnastics can't mean something to you, that you can't imbue it with all kinds of meaning.

Uncle Tim really seemed to get that point in his review of Heresy on the High Beam:

She has charted new territory for the world of books about gymnastics. No longer do memoirs about the sport have to be written from the perspective of an elite. She proves that they can and should be written from the perspective of an ordinary gymnast and super fan.

Thanks Uncle Tim--I'm an explorer, just like Columbus. I'm just waiting for the Gymternet to rename a landmass/apparatus after me.

And you should all check out his blog. His photoshop work with mullets and Bart Conner's face is  truly remarkable. 

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