Monday, December 10, 2012

Strange and Beautiful

Yesterday I attended "Meet the Bruins," UCLA women's gymnastics, pre-season dress rehearsal, which is where Mattie Larson debuted her new floor exercise. This routine defies any attempts at simple categorization. Check it out:

This is what I mean when I go on and on about choreography that isn't interchangeable. Every movement in this routine was designed specifically for the mood, music, and performer. None of it (or at least very little of it) could be used in a different exercise for a different person.

Anyway, Larson's routine and execution was strange and beautiful, like this Aqualung song:


Carrie said...

Love the routine, of course. Love and hate the little Exorcist bit in there. I wish Val Kondos-Field would produce the Kellogg's Tour of Champions, then maybe it'd be worth watching.

When I was watching this clip, this came to mind--What's your take on the college tradition of all the girls standing so close by, screaming throughout the whole thing, sometimes in performing a snippet of the routine in unison? It's something I've always heard a lot of (non-college) gymnastics folks complain about, because it's so annoying. I've gotten used to it when watching college gymnastics, but when I watched this routine in particular, I thought it really took away from the drama of the routine and the tension (in a good way, for the spectator) of a competition. I wish they'd make an effort to back off a little bit.

Dvora Meyers said...

I do find it annoying. I expect it's fun for them but it seems like a bit much and just a tad unprofessional. Cheering is one thing, but the dancing and surrounding the apparatus seems excessive.