Monday, January 28, 2013

Author of my teenage angst turns 45

Today Sarah McLachlan turned 45 today, which makes feel really old. The troubadour of all my teenage misery is middle aged (but still pretty hot). Her CDs were basically all I listened to age 13-17. I used to lay down in the dark in the basement and play them in my discman (!), a single tear rolling down my cheek. Sometimes when I was in a more optimistic mood, I'd run on the treadmill, listening to "Building a Mystery."

Today, when I learned about her McLachlan's birthday, I did a little math. I realized that she was 30 (!) when she was singing directly to my angsty 15-year old self. This means that despite being 30 now, I can still write and act out all of adolescent angst, hopefully for the enjoyment of other teens (and adults who think like teens).

Happy Birthday Sarah!

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