Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Public Freak Out At Turning 30

Today over at Jewcy, my second official "BallaBuster" column revolves my upcoming 30th birthday. I was never fearful of the Mayan apocalypse--I never thought that was the end. The 18th will be the end.

Okay, I'm mostly kidding and being over-dramatic, which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me or reads this blog with any sort of regularity. But this birthday has been looming in my mind for at least four months. So much so that I decided to make my Jewcy column about it. (If you've got a public platform, use it project your irrationality onto the masses, right?)

But the story isn't about how I'm getting wrinkles (not too bad on that front) or how I'm single or any of that ish. It's about one of the things that actually pleases me about turning 30--namely, that I can't really be called a "rebel" anymore. Not that I ever really thought of myself that way unless the term has been redefined to mean "carefully thinking out all of the options and making slow, considered decisions before taking any sort of action." You know, that sort of rebellion.

Anyway, so I'll very shortly turn 30 whether I like it or not. And if the coming years will mean arthritis (already got a little of that--thanks scoliosis, spinal fusion, and years of gymnastics!) at least it will mean the end of "My So-Called Rebellion." (TV development execs--call me!)

Read the column here.

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