Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aly Raisman's Passover Quickstep

Before Aly Raisman headed to her Passover Seder, she performed a quickstep on her second Dancing With The Stars appearance #dancing2dayenu

And it was way better than last week's. While I enjoyed seeing some of Aly's personality last week, I wasn't a huge fan of her hip and rump shaking. Not that I have a problems with these moves in general, but I don't think that Aly quite pulled them off. Perhaps it's an age thing, but I don't think Zendaya, who is younger than the Olympic gold medalist, would do a more plausible job with these sort of movements.

Anyway, since gyrating has no place in the quickstep, Aly did much better with this dance even if she took Mark Ballas' advice about looking over her left shoulder a bit too much to heart. (Or maybe she was just thinking about leaning left at the seder. Or of the opening lines to Beyonce's "Irreplaceable." To the left, to the left...)

A dance requiring a very stiff and controlled upper body carriage seems like it would be a better fit for Aly. And she did a good job with it--at least according to my very untrained eye. (Those with greater ballroom expertise, please weigh in!) And her dress was miles better than last week's pink disaster. It was actually flattering and made her seem shapely. Last week's costume was so shapeless and ugly.

I know that this sort of statement demonstrates my ignorance of ballroom fashion. But I'm just not a huge fan of pageantry--be it the pageanty side of gymnastics or the shows likes DWTS or beauty pageants. I don't particularly enjoy this style of performance.

So what did you think of Aly in Week 2? Better or worse than Week 1? And how do you think she stacked up against the competition (I didn't see the rest because I was at a Seder and only bothered catching up on Aly's performance.)


MTVMANN said...

Much better dress...If that first thing was the style for any type of dance, they should reconsider it ASAP!

Also, did she put her hand between them when they kissed? That was kinda silly.

But glad to see she's doing pretty well :)

Dvora Meyers said...

Same. I hope she continues to improve and then takes her newfound artistic expertise and brings it back to the gym.