Monday, March 11, 2013

Article Round-Up

Sorry for the lag in posting. I've been fairly consumed with my job hunt (hire me, maybe?) that I've neglected this site.

This week was a big one, publishing wise, on the interwebs for me. I was at the American Cup last weekend and wrote a few articles about it. The first was for Deadspin and featured two exciting up-and-comers, Simone Biles (adore her) and Katelyn Ohashi (love her dimples). Check it out here.

I wrote another piece about Aly Raisman's just announced stint on Dancing With The Stars for my Ballabuster column at Jewcy. I'm a little unsure about how I feel about this announcement, but that might be due to my dislike of the show (everyone takes their self-tanning cues from John Boehner) and my desire to see Raisman back in the gym instead. Nevertheless, I'll be rooting for her. Here's the link to my un-expert analysis.

And last on the gymnastics front, there's this piece I wrote for Gymcastic (we give you a podcast and the written word--we're too good to you), positing some reasons why gymnastics may never emerge as a popular sport during non-Olympic years. (Also, I've resurfaced on this week's episode of Gymcastic so give it a listen if you want to hear me ramble aimlessly.) The link to the article and the podcast.

And now a little something for my Jewish readers--a fun little takedown of David Brooks' utterly insipid column in this weekend's Times. It seems that Brooks' is on the payroll of Pomegranate, an upscale kosher supermarket in Midwood, Brooklyn, and decided to use a visit to it as occasion to write a naive ode to Orthodox Jews. Check out my response here.

If the Times is interested, I can also write press releases. 

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