Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Corner Flamingos

One of the changes that has been made to the 2013-16 Code of Points has been the "corner rule" on women's floor exercise. In an attempt to prevent gymnasts for hanging out in the corner indefinitely as they catch their breath before the next tumbling pass, the new Code stipulates that "more than one stationary position on two feet" will incur a .1 deduction. Additionally, an excessive pause of more than 2 seconds will result in a .1 deduction.

One of the ways that gymnasts are using to get around the first rule change is the "standing on one leg maneuver," which I first saw at the American Cup. Basically, they're standing like flamingos. (And the American women, clad as they are in pink, bear an even stronger resemblance to those birds.)

This guy knows how to do it.

She does it, standing tree pose style.

Even this little girl can do it.

Now you're ready for the corner rule. If you need a little more guidance, check out this master cut of all the single leg stands from the recent English Championships.

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Carrie said...

I'm kinda ok with this rule. I'd say, according to the handy montage, at least a third of the these girls have mastered a smooth connection. There are some obvious flamingos, but that's the coach/choreographer's fault for being so literal with the rule. You CAN make it blend seamlessly, and some of the choreography shown is actually really nice. Some routines here are definitely reminiscent of the old '60's style, Vera Caslavska and the like, where they didn't ever back into a corner--there would be maybe a little outward facing arabesque into a sharp pivot into the tumbling pass.

I thought the biggest point they made at the American Cup as far as rule changes, was deducting for arm swing on beam connections. Which of course they talked on and on and on about, but failed to mention that it DOES eliminate the cop-out, anti-climactic, forward-to-backward passes, like aerial walkover-flipflop-layout. And I think limiting those passes is a good idea.