Friday, March 22, 2013

Passover: The OC Disorder (Don't Call It That)

Passover is my least favorite Jewish holiday. I start dreading it weeks before its arrival and there's nothing about it that I enjoy. I hate the food (or the lack thereof) and I especially revile matzah. I sort of starve for seven days.

But it's the preparations, more than anything else, that are the worst part. Thankfully I live in a 325 square foot studio so even a thorough cleaning won't set me back more than a few hours.

It wasn't always that easy. In my latest Ballabuster column for Jewcy, I write about some of the OCD-ish ways Jews get ready for Passover:

But Passover took it all too far. I’m a naturally anxious sort of person and holiday prep exacerbated it. One teacher told us to unscrew the receiver on our phones to find crumbs that we might’ve spit while talking and I spent an hour trying to figure out how to disassemble our phone until my mother caught me. I spent hours reading the miniaturized list of ingredients of the family’s moisturizers, deodorants, and to ensure they didn’t included chametz ingredients. I verified these lists against the the annually updated guide written by Rabbi Blumenkrantz. 

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