Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Aly Learns How To Count Music

Last night, Aly performed the Viennese waltz with Mark Ballas and like Shawn Johnson before her (the waltz was actually her first DWTS dance, I believe), she must surmount the "love" hurdle--namely, that she hasn't ever been in love and must somehow figure out how to impart that sort of emotion, sans experience of it, to the audience.

Frankly, I think they overstate this issue with the younger competitors. These performances don't really get beyond superficial expressions of anything so whatever Aly has gleaned of love from movies, television, books, and being a human being these past 18 years is probably enough to fake it through a 90 second dance.

The bigger challenge, however, was learning how to count music. "I literally didn't know what counting music was before this show," Aly said as she struggled with the different count for the waltz--counts of 6 instead of 4 and 8, which is more typical for most dance. I find it amazing that counting music and steps hasn't been drilled into Aly. This is a basic of dance training. I don't fault Aly for this--clearly her training in this area has been very lacking. This doesn't surprise, especially after seeing this picture last year from dance training at the Ranch. (Can you find all of the things wrong in this photo?)

I didn't like how the dance started with Aly and Mark standing side by side, dancing individually. Her partnering skills and footwork seem to be coming along and she can rely on Ballas' finesse to carry where she is still lags behind. But thus far, she doesn't really have the grace, ease, and sharpness in her in her movements. Once they moved into the partnered part of the dance, the performance improved immensely.

Once again, I didn't see the other dancers. I was out with friends, having my first leavened meal in 7 days. (I've adopted the Reform Jewish custom of observing the biblically mandated 7 days instead of the rabbinic 8.) As a result, I don't know how Aly stacks up against the rest of the dancers but I can't imagine she'd end up in the bottom with this effort.

What did you guys think of this performance?

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