Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dancing With The Stars Week 4: Aly Gets Emotional

This week, Aly Raisman and Mark tackled the newly added dance category--contemporary--which required her to dig deep for Feelings. Cut to: montage of Aly training for the Olympics and talking about the difficulty for the Olympics.

It was nice seeing clips of Aly doing what she does best--gymnastics. But this would be short-lived. Sigh.

This week I disagree with the judges, who gave her 9s--I really don't think that contemporary suits Aly at all. I really disliked this performance. Last week I noted that she is best when paired with her partner and fares poorer when moving solo. Most of tonight's routine had dancing alongside Mark instead of partnered with him and her flaws as a dancer were all the more glaring as a result.  Though one of the judges astutely noted that contemporary doesn't necessitate a perfection of movement, something that Aly spent her entire career striving for, it does demand "perfection of emotion." (Though she did lovely roundoff, back handspring, layout step out.)

But I do think there should be some ease and naturalness of movement if not perfection. I don't mind messy; but it seemed so difficult. As for the emotions evinced--it also felt as forced as the movement. Instead it felt like EMOTIONS. Like she is shouting from the rooftops.

I'm not saying that Aly isn't progressing--she is--but I felt this routine and genre highlighted her weaknesses as a dancer. I'm hoping for better next week.

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