Monday, April 8, 2013

Where Have All The Yang Bo Jumps Gone?

File this under: things you write when you have a deadline for something very important.

Has anyone else been wondering where have all the Yang Bo jumps gone? Now, granted there were never that many to begin with but there was once a time when they were practically de rigeur for every Chinese beamer. Some other, non-Chinese gymnast chimed in with Yang Bos of their own, too.

But take a look at the master's, Yang Bo herself:

But 2003 World Beam Champion Fan Ye also did a fairly spectacular version of the jump.

Be sure to read this part to the tune of Paula Cole's "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?" (Remember Paula Cole? She sang the theme song to Dawson's Creek and didn't shave her pits.)

Oh, you throw your head back, toss balance out of whack,
And hope to get your feet back on the beam.
Spine shaped like a big C
Eyes away from the balance beam,
And hope you land it perfectly.
I will do the sheep jumps,
If you do the ring leaps.


Where is my double stag,
Where is my straight leg,
Where is my arched back?
Where have all the Yang Bos gone?

Okay-that's all I've got. I hope my verse doesn't get lodged in your brain like a Britney Spears pop song.

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