Sunday, July 21, 2013

Obsessed with Tutya Yilmaz

I watched the women's all-around European Youth Olympic Festival via the web livestreaming this week and the gymnast I was most excited about after the competition was Tutya Yilmaz of Turkey. (I was also super stoked about Kim Janas, but she's certainly not the first promising gymnast to emerge from Germany.)

After an inauspicious debut on bars (at least for me cause this was the first routine I had ever seen her do) where she released for her jaeger as though she was a dismount--that's how far she was from the bar--and got some of the worst spotting seen this side of Valeri Liukin, she redeemed herself with a rather lovely beam routine. (She is able to catch the release move. Here's a better bar routine though the bail to handstand on the low bar is still pretty scary.)

Here frightening bar routine from AA:

Here's her AA beam routine from Utrecht:

I like her low to the beam sequence and she has nice form and some style. A very nice redemptive effort after the uneven bar disaster.

She was also very nice on the floor, showing some good difficulty (even if her final double pike came up short) and a backspin in her dance.

Part of the reason I like her so much is probably because I was so surprised by her. I haven't followed the progress of Turkish gymnastics and wasn't aware of her until she appeared on my computer screen. And I must say that it's nice to see a gymnast emerge from a non-power country who doesn't seem to be trying to make her mark on the scene by trying to kill herself on vault. (I'm looking at you Yamilet Pena of the Dominican Republic and Fadwa Mohamed of Egypt.)

And finally, a short note on livestreaming and camera angles. While hearing a gymnast's floor exercise music playing while watching shots of the audience watching the gymnast (how meta!) makes looking at the audience more dramatic than it otherwise would be, I'd still rather see a routine. Also, these camera angles--pointed directly up at the crotch or butt of these girls. If a guy in the subway station did that with his iPhone as women walked up and down the stairs, he'd be arrested. No more pervy camera angles please!


TrishaG said...

Wow, I hadn't heard of Tutya before either, but she has some lovely skills. Looks to have a lot of potential and will be fun to watch this quad.

One thing that also won me over was her AA bar routine. I'm pretty sure she peeled off the bar on her release, which is why she was so far away. You can hear the coach exclaim in surprise. He should have been prepared to spot anyways because she peels off maybe a millisecond before she would have for her release.

Anyways, what won me over is after she fell. You can see how shaken up she is and understandably so! Peels are scary and can cause serious injury. But she gets back on and finishes her routine. Yes, she makes some mistakes, but I admire her for continuing on as well as she did so quickly after the fall (vs. using more of her 30 secs) when she was that shaken. You can see how shook up she still was from her expression after her dismount, but she regrouped strongly to produce a nice beam set. Girl's got moxie!

Dvora Meyers said...

She's got moxie and some interesting moves and choreography. She and Kim Janas made this meet for me.