Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Old Gymnastics Magazines and Videotapes

I've been helping my mother pack up her house in anticipation of selling. Thus far, I've mostly gone through thousands of her papers and bills, sorting through years and years of test papers and taxes and insurance statements. And so far, I haven't gotten a single paper cut. (Of course, now I've just jinxed myself. I'm sure that tomorrow I will bleed everywhere.)

Last week, however, I came across some of my old International Gymnast magazines. Now these were from 2001-2002 when I was already in college so I was only slightly misty-eyed and nostalgic as I flipped through the pages looking at Tasha Schwikert's leotard with the lime green accents and Tabitha Yim's wrists. After a few minutes, I consigned these to the garbage heap along with my mother's phone bills from 2008.

But soon I will get to the attic and I know what awaits me there--a box of old IGs from when I was a kid--I got my first subscription at 12 for my bat mitzvah--and my collection of gymnastics meets from 1992-2000 that I recorded on VHS tapes. And those will be infinitely harder to toss.

I haven't looked through my magazines in years. And I don't have the means to watch a VHS tape anymore. (Heck, I don't even have the means to watch a DVD on my computer.) All the meets I have on tape have already been digitized by the gymternet and put on YouTube so there is no need for me to upload them.

Trouble is--I live in a 350 square foot New York City studio apartment with very little storage space. My mother is moving into much smaller quarters and will probably face storage issues for her own belongings. She certainly won't be able to take on any of mine. And so that begs the question--what do I do with my old tapes and magazines?

I'll probably save a few of each--tapes to show my children ("Hey kids, this is a VHS tape and mommy used to spend all Sunday afternoon watching gymnastics meets on them?" but they'll probably ignore me and stare blankly through their Google glasses) and a few issues of IG. The rest, I'll have to throw out.

Anyone else out there feel similarly sad at the thought of getting rid of their childhood gymnastics magazine and tape collections? 

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