Friday, August 16, 2013

P&G Gymnastics Championships Senior Women Photos

I didn't attend yesterday's women's prelim at the P&G Gymnastics Championships but my friend Erika Scott, artist extraordinaire (check out some of her awesome work here) who moonlights as as a photographer at sporting events without a press pass. She has a very special place in her heart for Courtney McCool and even tracked her down at a Georgia meet and got her autograph.

She took over a thousand photos. She has generously agreed to let me post some of them here.

Not quite as great as Steve Penny's photobombing of Dominique Dawes last year, but still pretty great.

I have a feeling that Simone Biles will get a laugh out of the face she's making.

Why is it called a sheep jump? Do sheep do anything that looks like this?

Does Kim Zmeskal know I used to pretend one of my Barbie dolls was her?

Catching up on gymternet gossip.
Kyla Ross, midair in the middle of her gorgeous uneven bar routine.

The many faces of McKayla Maroney.

Kyla Ross, showing off for the cheap seats.

She flies through the air with the greatest of ease...

WOGA's Madison Kocian and hot French coach.

Biles, looking purty on beam.

Someone should tell Maroney that the male peacocks strut--not the women.
Maggie Nichols showing some style.
Head (right) and figurehead (left) of American gymnastics. Plus protege.
I'll put up some more later but for now "adult" responsibilities beckon.

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