Friday, August 16, 2013

P&G Gymnastics Championships Senior Women Photos, Part 2

Here are some more pictures Erika took at last night's competition.

Does anyone else find it funny that her last name is Dowell? As in almost the same as dowel grip?

Is Kim Z dreaming of a comeback?

The Texas Dream girls around the chalk bowl, the gymnastics equivalent of the water cooler.

Oh Vanessa Ferrari--I'll never forgive you for this leap.

An anonymous pair of legs.


The rolls listed on my sushi menu are a little bit different.


What would this meme be?

Annia Hatch, Terin Humphrey, and Courtney Kupets

Chellsie Memmel in Tina Fey glasses.

Hai Carly!

Masters' Gymnastics

Holly Vise, already flying her ASU flag.

The 2007 team, all growed up.


SSB said...

I wish Kim was coming back...

Dvora Meyers said...

Me too. Sigh.